Churro's Quest 2: Breakfast Adventure



Churro's Quest 2: Breakfast Adventure

FGJ/GGJ 2024 entry by team Couple Beets

Churro the corgi and Pauli the wife have run out of breakfast supplies, and it is Churro's turn to run to the grocery. Unfortunately the new part-timer is late, and while waiting for the grocery to open Churro helps out a friend she bumps into at the plaza.

For this year's GGJ theme "Make Me Laugh", we decided to gather jokes that made us laugh and create a 3D adventure game with the jokes incorporated into the story as quests. Some of the characters are familiar from Churro's Quest, so it felt right to call this a sequel.

Unfortunately we failed to test the build before an hour to deadline, and ended up with a broken build. At first attempt the dialogue at the beginning didn't even start, but Laura got that fixed. The final build runs the first dialogue and Churro leaves home, but never seems to spawn at the Plaza, which would then trigger the camera change. Player is left in the kitchen alone with Pauli the Wife. So instead of "Churro's Quest", the game we returned is technically "Stand in kitchen with Pauli waiting for breakfast -simulation".

All of us took part in game design, story writing and world creation. Laura looked for jokes for the quests and was in charge of all programming and Mitja made all environment asset models and looked for textures. Here's what I did:

Project management and documentation
Flowchart for the story/questline
3D Character Modeling
3D Character Rig and Animation
UV mapping and texturing
UI Design and item icons
Level design

GGJ game page
Full gameplay video (YouTube)


Inventory icons

Amazing UI Design

Story/Questline Flowchart