Churro's Quest



Churro's Quest

A friend's GJF Spring 2023 Unity Engine Programming Challenge entry

Churro's Quest is a platformer with four levels of different animal rights and environment related tasks, plus a rock-paper-scissor minigame.

This game was my friend Laura Heikkinen's entry for Game Jobs Fair Spring 2023 Unity Engine programming challenge. Laura had been working on the game for a bit longer, but for me this was almost like a jam experience; when I finally managed to free some time from my calendar for this, I had just a bit over three days to finish everything.

Here's Laura's own description for the game:

The overall goal of Churro's Quest is to inspire players to become real-life advocates for animal rights and take action to address inequality. The game aims to educate players about animal welfare issues while providing a fun and engaging gaming experience with a cute and lovable corgi protagonist.

Laura is responsible of the general idea, story and design of the game. She also did all the programming and implementation. Main character Churro is based on Laura's dog. Here's what I did:

2D Character Art
2D Animation
GUI Design and Art
Items and Icons
Level Design (Lv1 & Lv2)

Play game:

Character Animations

Beaver & Raccoon



Dialogue Portraits

UI Design