Cactus Cow Run



Cactus Cow Run

School project that escalated into a personal project

"Cactus Cow Run" is a 3D endless runner with green cows that have cactuses growing out of their butts.

Cactus Cow was started as a school task and escalated into a personal playground for learning C#, 3D and game design. The green cow character was an end result of a character design stream I had for a school project. First version of the game only had a player moving left and right, randomly positioned cows running towards you, collectable gems and a score counter.

C# programming
3D modeling
3D character animation
Character & Level design
Game design
Project management & documentation

Play game: Version 0.5 (PC only)

Version 0.5 - Prototype

Feb 2023

Character falling over after hitting a cow fixed
Character can now land on top of cow without dying
Uncollected gems and gem explosions now get destroyed
Fixed double score from collectibles
Fixed groundcheck and prevented endless jumps + made jumping feel more natural
Highscore saved to playerprefs
Added game over screen with score and highscore
Start screen added
Replay won't reset the whole scene anymore
Player deactivated instead of getting distroyed when hitting a cow
Cows and player reset to starting position at replay
Gems in scene get destroyed at game over
The first prototype of game published to

Version 0.1

Feb 2022

Ground moving
Character moving left, right and forth and back
Character movement restricted to specific dimensions
Character jump (unlimited)
Cows running towards camera
Cows repositioned to start of road when hitting a point behind camera
Gems spawning every x seconds on random spot at start of the road
Gem counter in UI, resets when after game over
Particle explosion when gem is collected
Particle explosion when player hits cow
Scene resets after few seconds when player hits cow